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WebDieci is the website dedicated to innovation and the development of new technologies, established by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture of Treviso and implemented by t2i.

It comprises the following sections:

  • Public Administration & e-Government: it is dedicated to Public Administration, especially focusing on innovations in the fields of digital administration, digital signature and accessibility;
  • Online legislation: it deals with legislative innovations that rule the world of digital economy, from privacy protection through online dispute resolution;
  • Innovation and SMEs: dedicated to enterprises approaching the world of digital economy. It includes information on security, funding and new innovations available on the market; in particular, much attention is paid to the activities of Treviso enterprises, by means of market research on innovation in Treviso, as well as events and happenings taking place within the territory;
  • Training and employment: it deals with e-learning as a new form of learning, and with new occupational profiles originated from New Economy’s requirements.

In each section, it is possible to find comments by experts, in-depth examinations, news from specialized press and programmed events.

WebDieci is implemented by t2i with the intent of fostering an innovation-oriented corporate culture. With this in mind, the company constantly supports small and medium-sized enterprises through:

  • The development of high-tech and innovative services and projects, in cooperation with university and scientific institutions;
  • The implementation of training programmes aimed at enabling new skills and competencies: technically specialized, managerially skilled and cosmopolitan profiles, within a lifelong learning context;
  • Information and technical support for the fulfilment of projects targeted at the certification of products and quality management system.

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